“Tirana Black and White” ARCHhouse expo_ december 11

a Vertical Story


a Collection of Art Design projects

1. The Transformation of a personal object_ a. into an instalation/ b. into a drawing 2. Composition! 3. Rhythm in Photography

WHAT ABOUT YOU?_november 09

CAN YOU FEEL SPACE SPACE IS MY ARCHITECTURE PO TI? (What about you?) this was a very quick project, thought and realized in 5 days, and part of a paralel event held during the "Tirana International Film Festival"

the SPACE in-between _ 09

In this design project, we had to capture the space in-between the dancers, while they were performing a Tango... After that we worked on the drawings and finalizing them with a plaster model.

the DREAMED space _ 09

We used as a reference _ Marchel Duchamp's painting _ Nude descending the staircase. According to that I choose some concepts that for me were evident, transmitted by the painting, such as: movement, smoothness, energy, calmness, illumination