Spontaneous Architecture_ june 11

METALLIC LEFTOVERS AS A SOLUTION! Maybe begun as an immediate solution, the “alternative gates” of Old Himara can be numbered among the long list of spontaneous architecture. The actors that brought to this solution can be grouped in two categories: Resolute factors and Ephemeral factors. The element used as a garden gate is recycled metallic … Continue reading Spontaneous Architecture_ june 11


the Temporary City_ mars 11

_ Mind Map _Communication as a city frame _ Add ONs   Project Thesis_ the Temporary City 1st Phase: I would like to start with a quotation chosen by Dan Brown’s novel “The DaVinci Code”: People see what they know, not what there actually is, so try to see beyond the painting… Even if this … Continue reading the Temporary City_ mars 11

The Extract of Space/Tetovo Skeleton City_july 10

                This project was part of the compilation of the Terms of Reference before the contest wich will be held for Tetovo's New Regulatory Plan, in Tetovo - Macedonia. For a wider explenation of the project click The Extract of Space_Olesja Lami.