Office Building_ Lund University_ 2017

ABSTRACT With the development of technology and the emerging requirements for a higher energy efficient building environment, this urge covers both new proposals and existing buildings. Renovation or retrofitting can be now called the trend of the moment and a large market for the on-going life of the existing buildings. This process, of modifying the … Continue reading Office Building_ Lund University_ 2017


PASSIVE-HOUSE_ Lund University_ December 2016

This project is about the planning of a residential area, located in Helsingborg, Sweden. The row houses in this residential area should meet the criteria of a passive house standard, according to the FEBY 12. The work covered from the layout of the residential area, design of the houses to simulations. When doing the layout … Continue reading PASSIVE-HOUSE_ Lund University_ December 2016

Social (re)connection/ Virtual is Real_ may 2013

Virtual is Real What are the artifacts of place? Memories, feelings, interaction, sounds, a purpose, can be considered as characteristics that relate people to a place dear to them. In an era were social interaction is being overcome form virtual communication, the sense of physical contact, face-to-face confrontations, is becoming less and less present. Varnelis … Continue reading Social (re)connection/ Virtual is Real_ may 2013

LEUPHANA DIGITAL_ january to april 2013

TASK6: YOUR CITY Plugged-In City Plug-Ins Team (formerly known as Team 582) Previous assignments Polaroid stripe TEAM PLUG-INS (formerly known as Team 582) WALKING THROUGH PLUGGED-IN HAMBURG We are walking along a stripe of land located close to the waterfront of Hamburg. Our journey starts from St. Pauli’s waterfront and continues through Hafencity, until we find … Continue reading LEUPHANA DIGITAL_ january to april 2013

… ne LAGJE (TAW: Tirana Architecture Weeks)

CLICK HERE "In the Neighborhood" was a workshop realized during Tirana Architecture Weeks. The aim of this workshop was to locate one of Tirana's neighborhood and to intervene in its public space. The students were supposed to talk with the locals, familiarize with them and ask for left over furnitures or materials. All the materials … Continue reading … ne LAGJE (TAW: Tirana Architecture Weeks)


This Cube was a work, done by: olesja lami, ina musai, lisiena dimo & anisa spahiu. The Cube was accepted to be part of SPACE MAKER: Hungarian Pavilion 2012 at Venice Architectural Biennale 2012. The idea of the Cube was to have a progressive walk, through a ramp, ending in a Chamber Music's Room. Finally … Continue reading SPACE MAKER “ALBANIAN CUBE” : “VENICE BIENNALE 2012″_ august 2012

ESCAPE to the BUNDLE_ february 12

group: GJERGJI DUSHNIKU & OLESJA LAMI In our approach the Urban Bundle is a space of escape. An enclave from the outer space, located in a existing urban area, a revolution toward the actual city state development, urban condition and urban acoustic and air pollution. Where it is located: The Bundle is a movable space, … Continue reading ESCAPE to the BUNDLE_ february 12

Bullhorn “Cembrit Design Competition” Helsinki_ january 12

GO 887 - GJERGJI DUSHNIKU & OLESJA LAMI BULLHORN – Cembrit Design Competition – Helsinki 2012 After the observations we did to the area, the first problematic that rose was disorientation and acupunctural location (sometimes even hidden) of the main stations. With this project we tend to create a visual and functional connection of the … Continue reading Bullhorn “Cembrit Design Competition” Helsinki_ january 12

Slums Invasion_ november 11

A quick challenge @ Challenge Future Competitions

Diagonal Shift (SicilyLAB)_ september 11

Narrative Diagonal shift_ ledian bregasi, olesja lami, eranda janku I was just above the train station, to that tiny panoramic plaza, when an entire canyon that is conquered by a light, transparent and minimal wave structure attracted my attention… was that the moment that I decided to take that adventure. Step after step, after crossing … Continue reading Diagonal Shift (SicilyLAB)_ september 11