LEUPHANA DIGITAL_ january to april 2013

TASK6: YOUR CITY Plugged-In City Plug-Ins Team (formerly known as Team 582) Previous assignments Polaroid stripe TEAM PLUG-INS (formerly known as Team 582) WALKING THROUGH PLUGGED-IN HAMBURG We are walking along a stripe of land located close to the waterfront of Hamburg. Our journey starts from St. Pauli’s waterfront and continues through Hafencity, until we find … Continue reading LEUPHANA DIGITAL_ january to april 2013


Keiserschnitten Wien_ july 11

SOCIAL FILL IN_ Schönbrunn Keiserschnitten Workshop TUWIEN_ Olesja Lami/ Rezart Struga/ Mamica Burda/ Lorin Çekrezi Schönbrunn (Royal Castle) is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Vienna. During the year it is visited by 3000 tourists. First impression_ Site Visit Our area is located in front of Schönbrunn castle, including the metro station, the … Continue reading Keiserschnitten Wien_ july 11

Alternative green Views_ february 11

  The issue of Paskuqan landscape design was initiated with a big scale proposal of the whole Tirana’s green spaces and parks connected to each other. It was necessary to understand how the open spaces in the middle of neighborhoods and other different areas of Tirana, would be linked together. Due to this link, different … Continue reading Alternative green Views_ february 11

The Extract of Space/Tetovo Skeleton City_july 10

                This project was part of the compilation of the Terms of Reference before the contest wich will be held for Tetovo's New Regulatory Plan, in Tetovo - Macedonia. For a wider explenation of the project click The Extract of Space_Olesja Lami.

In-Between Connectivity_october 09

  This project was done about the area called: Ex-Aviation Field, in western Tirana. The main idea of my group proposal was: A spread of functions from the main centers of the area, toward the borders. Connencting this centers with one-another according to their importance, through the space in-between buildings. Group project: (Ina Musai_ Olesja Lami_ Evina Hasimi_ Tomorr … Continue reading In-Between Connectivity_october 09

Striped Tirana_july 09

This was a group project realized by me & Ina Musai _ in a workshop with "Karlsruhe University" _ Karlsruhe _ Germany. For further informations about this project _ click here