Office Building_ Lund University_ 2017

ABSTRACT With the development of technology and the emerging requirements for a higher energy efficient building environment, this urge covers both new proposals and existing buildings. Renovation or retrofitting can be now called the trend of the moment and a large market for the on-going life of the existing buildings. This process, of modifying the [...]

PASSIVE-HOUSE_ Lund University_ December 2016

This project is about the planning of a residential area, located in Helsingborg, Sweden. The row houses in this residential area should meet the criteria of a passive house standard, according to the FEBY 12. The work covered from the layout of the residential area, design of the houses to simulations. When doing the layout [...]

Vila E_2016

Place: Tirana, Albania Size: 400 sqm Status: under construction Year: 2016

KOarchitecture Office_2015

Client: KOarchitecture (my previous office of architecture) Place: Tirana, Albania Size: 80 sqm Status: completed Year: 2015

Office in a Greenhouse_2014

Place: Petrele, Albania Size: 332 sqm Status: project Year: 2014


Client: AIA Place: Durres, Albania Size: 70 sqm Status: completed Year: 2015

Trattoria 052_2016

Client: Trattoria 052 Place: Durres, Albania Size: 100 sqm Status: completed Year: 2016


Client: AutoJapan Place: Tirana, Albania Size: 4500 sqm Status: completed Year: 2016